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2014 - 2020

From 2014 to 2016, the artist resided a deserted space on the ancient street in Tamsui, and launched the exhibition space called” No.5 Lane 18 project.” The building used to be a pharmacy but it had been disused at the period of time. Hence, repurposing it's the function by the cooperation of different communities to create exhibition and event all of the form, gradually generating and expanding an interpersonal network. Even after the artist moved to “Rooftop Studio” in Sanchong, this network has continued growing.


On view in the exhibition are over 100 polaroid portraits that visualize the interpersonal network the artist has created between the two space. The artist replaces the real names of these people with a number. The seemingly cold archives somehow allow audiences to freely imagine and conceive the people’s identities, backgrounds as well as the spatial and temporal dimensions of these encounters when these photographs were taken. To sum up, through his space practice, the artist has created opportunities for people’s paths in life to crossed and brought memories all back of the two spaces. Every urban dweller is like a shining star, orbiting around its own way in an individual system; that is until an unexpected, random moment of encounter arrives.

20200525_PERFORATED CITY_1778_Small.jpg
20200525_PERFORATED CITY_1805_Small.jpg
20200523_PERFORATED CITY_1178_Small.jpg
20200525_PERFORATED CITY_1790_Small.jpg
20200525_PERFORATED CITY_1794_Small.jpg
20200525_PERFORATED CITY_1793_Small.jpg
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