Now living and working in Taiwan.



     Born in Taiwan, 1992, my family was one of the survivors from the 921 earthquake that took place on the 21st of September in the year 1999. I witnessed the restoration of our home. Between 2014 and 2016, I started running an art space called‘ No.5, Lane 18 ’in Tamsui. I was focused on curating exhibitions about contemporary art and popular culture. Through out the execution of the exhibition, I extended my understanding about what 'community' means to the public.


      What I am actually interested in has always been space realization and collective memory.I am used to familiarizing myself into communities that are marginal and creative in the environment where I live along with the memories that the community cherishes throughout their lives. I believe everyone is a container of history. Through my art I try to rebuild and collect memories. In the end, the result is  abandoned or invisible spaces and the goal is to connect people with different lifestyles.



2019  studying MA Cultural and Critical Studies,

           Birkbeck College University of London

2018  M.F.A in Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts.

2014  B.F.A. Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the



2019 《 Quasi - Factory : Father to Son》, Rhythm Art Gallery, Taiwan.

2017 《 No.5, Lane18, I’m Back!》, YunFu Studio, Tamsui, Taiwan.

2016 《 Now, please turn on the light, We are going to close. 》,

            No.5, Lane18, Taiwan.

2015 《 Measuring Two Place 》, No.5, Lane18, Taiwan.

2014 《 False Skin : Separate the last Islands 》, Fine Arts F302,



2020 《 Perforated City》, MOCA Taipei, Taiwan.

2018 《 Transcending the Passage of Time 》, Instant 42, Taiwan.

2016 《 Outdoor - Open Code 》, No.5, Lane18, Taiwan.

2016 《 Indoor - Open Code 》, No.5, Lane18, Taiwan.

2015 《 A Half Year Labor : Residence 》, No.5, Lane18, Taiwan.

2014 《 Taiwan Art Space Survey 》, No.5, Lane18, Taiwan.

2014 《 Don't make me sad! 》, Underground Experimental Museum,

            Guandu, Taipei(with Sun, Jhih-Sing and Jian, Jie curated)

2014 《 Questionnaire Survey : Do you Know Yi-Che, Chen? 》,

            Underground Experimental Museum, Taiwan

2013 《 Factory Yi-Che, Chen & Shu-Ping, Chen 》, 8½ Gallery, Taiwan.

2013 《 Early Spring Pictures 》, 2013 Art Stars, World Gallery,