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Rooftop Studio
2016 - 

" Rooftop Studio " is an artist driven space that started of in New Taipei , Sanchong  in 2016. It is a continuation of the spirit that " No. 5, Lane 18 ." possessed. It is a spot for different communities in the sense that its function changes according to the nature of the event. Sometimes it is a workplace for artists to create and construct and sometimes a gathering space for likeminded people to come and appreciate art in all its forms. Some important exhibitions that took place at the Rooftop Studio include "The Yi Che + Siao Li gathering ", " Human Zoo " and " Fly " amongst many others.

Member : Yi Lang, Jhuang. Guang-Ci,Zhang.

Li-Sin,Tan. Jyun Hao,Huang. Jia-Yi ,Liao and Yi Che, Chen.

Photographer : Jhe-Yu,Lin.

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