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No.5, Lane 18 Prpject
2014 - 2018

During 2014-2016, I settled into a deserted lakeside space on the outskirts of Taipei. It was a semi-detached house with a tin roof. This is a common type of house in my country. With this project I tried to combine the function of exhibitions into a living space.


This experience let me to see, in a new light, the purpose of public art. This led me to review the resources from art foundations and the social responsibility that the artist upholds. I also established that artists are verbs and not nouns. This is because, in my opinion, for centuries there has been an invisible boundary between the public and the artist. This separates the artist and their ideas from the general public that admires their art. I want to erase this boundary and invite people to work with me on an equal platform and create art that we all enjoy.


Through the length of this project I learnt of the qualities an artist should possess, these include and are not limited to cooperation, multiple roles and inclusivity. After this project was published in multiple ways, it explained how a space developed into a place for different people to gather. Some important exhibitions that took place at the No.5,Lane18 project include "Taiwan Art Space Survey", "A Half Year Labor : Residency", "Boa's Special Collection : 15th ", "Indoor/outdoor - opencode""No. 18, Lane 18, I'm Back!"

10409528_709283869140777_4748125748466584295_n 拷貝.jpg
IMG_9230 拷貝.JPG
IMG_9454 拷貝.JPG
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