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This is a project that has not taken place yet. In 2018, I served at Taoyuan Retirement Home and managed to live with the people who resided there. There are more than 700 households that have experienced Chinese Civil War in one way or another. Due to this reason, the retirement home has become the final destination for many of them.


During the year I served at the retirement home, I recognized, gradually, the fact that being a soldier was just a trivial part of their life. They used to be fathers, perpetrators, seamen, activists, businessmen, laborers, farmers and others. For the concept of " Visitors " I tried to create a living museum, displayed in one of the rooms where they lived.

The exhibition mainly contained personal treasures that belonged to the residents in the retirement house. The room creates a link between their then and now. It comes together to form a collective memory that will engrain into the viewer’s mind. My objective for this exhibition was to break stereotypes between people from different walks of life.

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