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Black Museum
2018 -

If one day, you had to build a museum, what stories do you think it would tell? "


In the 1950s, my father grew up in the generation known as "Taiwan's economic miracle”. People left the comfort of their home and gave up their lifestyle in the countryside. Moving to a huge city, people tried to acquire jobs identified as "black hand". My father did not agree with the common mentality of typical families in those days. He never expected me to inherit the family business. In fact, he encouraged me to find my own way. He, soon enough, realized that he was a part of the end of an era. Towards the end I asked my father how he conceived the museum in his mind? This helped me get a peek into his inner thoughts and what made him proud with regards to his own profession.


The nature of capitalism is evolving. Home factories are still an important economic pillar of many developing countries and it continues to change people’s lives around the world.As an artist, I began to think about how to inherit memories and techniques that are gradually disappearing. This led me to envision the “Black Hand Museum”. The base of the museum started from an ideal home that collapsed when I was a young infant due to the 921 earthquake.

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